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My name is Alexis. I'm a 17 year old SENIOR in High School. I live in L.A., and I go the beach frequently. =) I watch movies all the time but like making them even more. When I graduate college (which college is undecided as of now) I would like to be a movie director. Photoshop graphics are an unnofficial pastime, and I always love trying new things!

As much as I hate having to post them, it's important for me to have rules because some people are "not very polite", to say the very least. So, here we go!
1) Comment if you take anything (or to tell me what you think)
2) Credit in your keywords if you take ANYTHING!
3) Don't cuss on my journal at all please
4) Make requests in the proper place
5) Keep posts on topic, or, at least try.

Some people do not understand what it means to "credit" some one. Crediting is usually required by any graphic maker when you use their stuff. Crediting for anything OTHER than an icon is done on the "userinfo" page, usually with a banner provided by the graphic maker themselves. However, when crediting for icons, you need to put the username of the person you got your icon from.

To do this, go to MANAGE ->USER PICTURES

Next to each of your icons, there should be 2 spaces for you to type in, one is labed KEYWORDS the other COMMENTS. In one of those, again, you should put the username of the person you got the icon from. And that's how you credit! ^_^ So, no excuses! ~_^

Now, if you are using one of my layouts, then credit needs to be given in your userinfo. Go to Manage-> Info and under the section that says "BIO" somewhere put either, "I got my layout at coppertoneicons or "Thanks to coppertoneicons for my layout". You can also put up a banner (provided below) in your info if you want to, but you have to put text that says where you got the layout. Thank You Very Much!

How do I credit? see above
How do I make a request? just comment to the correct post
What programs do you use? adobe photoshop & image ready
Can I direct link? yes you can!
Can I friend you? yes, of course
Can I make a request? yes, but on the right entry
Can I request something non-disney? yes, but I need to know what it is
Can we be affiliates? yes! I would love to
Can you teach me to make icons? sorry, no
Do I have to credit? if you take anything, yes please
Do you make anything not disney? yes I do

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